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Here you will find organisations and networks of organisations that are supporting, educating, and leading community-led change.



21 Solutions

21 Solutions give advice, guidance, and support to organisations on issues relating to sustainability transition, putting people at the heart of change.

21 Solutions designs and implements a variety of tools (diagnostic, management, guidance, capacity-building and networking) for citizens, collectives, businesses, non-profit organizations, and public authorities, on issues relating to the transition to sustainability.

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Croatian Permaculture Association

Founded in 1995 by local permaculture pioneers, Hrvatska permakultura is dedicated to the personal and professional development of permaculture practitioners, and their networking, within Croatia, the European Union and South East Europe.  

Since 2013 it is a platform for adult education in the field of permaculture, urban and rural community development, and effective collaboration in groups. 

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NSMAS – National Network of Local Action Groups in the Czech Republic

The network promotes cooperation and the transfer of experience between Local Action Groups (LAGs). It has more than 160 LAG members covering more than 90% of the country. LAGs are public-private partnerships made up of representatives of municipalities, local entrepreneurs (including farmers) NGOs and active citizens.
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Danish Ecovillage Network

Denmark is probably the country with the most ecovillages relative to population size. At last count there were 49 member communities in the Danish network, known as LØS (Landsforening for Økosamfund) in Danish. LØS has its own newsletter, is widely recognized and has been consulted concerning legislation related to community issues, such as financing of ecological housing.

For more information see the Danish language LØS website, or read this article in English “Danish Ecovilllage Network History”.

Permaculture Denmark

Permakultur Danmark is a membership association which includes 9 local networks throughout Denmark and a number of so-called LAND centres which help people to understand and appreciate permaculture. Permaculture is a design process that helps design intelligent systems which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet, and creating a fairer world. 

To find out more about guided tours, skills-exchange and courses and how you can learn, share and volunteer check out the website.



Finnish Village Movement

The Finnish Village Movement Association is a nationwide umbrella organization for 4000 rural village development associations, hundreds of urban neighborhoods, and 54 sub-regional LEADER Local Action Groups. It is a network of community-led initiatives, more and more of which also relate to climate change and environmental sustainability.

Find out more about this extensive network and its members here. 



Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne

The Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne brings together 29 organizations involved in ecological, social and democratic transition. The Collective’s action is based on two projects: the Fête des Possibles, an annual event that celebrates community-led action (and which is part of the European Day of Sustainable Communities) and the Pacte pour la transition. Both projects focus on change at the local level, somewhere between the neighborhood and department level.

For details of their projects and members see here


Permaculture Institut e.V.

For details of their projects and members see here



Carraig Dúlra Ltd – Permaculture Farm

Established in 2007, Carraig Dúlra is a family-owned social enterprise dedicated to providing education, experiences, and connections related to sustainable living.

These subjects are shared through hands-on courses, local and national partnerships, and outreach projects in County Wicklow and beyond.

If you want to get involved Carraig Dúlra hosts courses and projects and you can also be a volunteer.

Want to get involved? Read more on their homepage.


Cultivate is a national NGO and Civil Society Organisation focused on education, communication, and citizen engagement. Cultivate organizes practical courses, events, and publications.

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The Irish Local Development Network CLG 

The Irish Local Development Network CLG is the representative body for Ireland’s Local Development Companies. These 49 not-for-profit groups are building inclusive, vibrant communities and better life chances for people in every part of Ireland.

Want to get involved? Read more on their homepage.



Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, CELL 

CELL hosts the Transition movement in Luxembourg. It brings together initiatives focussed on social, ecological, and economic change. It aims to make Luxembourg less dependent on fossil fuels, more equitable, and more able to respond to climate change. For details about training courses, events and to subscribe to the newsletter see their website




DRIFT is a world-leading institute for research on and for sustainability transitions. They conduct interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research to better understand and facilitate new ways of thinking, doing, and organizing in transitions.

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Liberta Care Foundation

Liberta Care is an organization (Foundation) that provides social relief. Everyone has talents and can develop them, depending on the right circumstances and guidance.

Talents ensure that people can develop into independent citizens who can provide for themselves (according to their ability).

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Institutul de Cercetare în Permacultură din România

The Institute actively supports the practice of permaculture in Romania from an economic and environmental perspective, through research, education, demonstration sites, cooperation, and connection to similar national and international institutions in the region and in the EU. 

Find out how you can learn and get involved on their website


Terra Livre

Terra Livre has teams able to design educational programs for cultural and regional specific needs. Contact them for training, mentoring, and consultancy in Project Management, Governance and Decision Making, Regenerative Practices, Community Building, and Entrepreneurial Initiatives.

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Hivemind Institute

Hivemind Institute is based in Portugal. Its mission is to advocate for systems thinking and network thinking, believing that networks will be the most powerful force to solve or to find ways to adapt to climate change and social unrest. In Portugal, the Institute offers trainings, workshops on systems thinking, and network thinking.

Check out their website. 



Red de Transición España


Resilience Earth

Resilience Earth is a non-profit cooperative, working in the fields of community resilience and ecological regeneration. They work through research, evaluation, design, training, and facilitation. Their headquarters is in Olot (Catalonia), where they are one of the founding entities that manage the Núria Social Center.

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